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Rivers41 (Lisa) Story

  • Breast Augmentation


My Breast Augmentation story starts out with wondering why I am the only one in the family that never got boobs am I the mail-man's child?? All the women on both sides of the family have large breasts and then there was me who never ever did. I met the man of my dreams at a young age of 15 and we married at 16 he was 23. We had our first son almost 2 yrs later and when my milk came in it was like the coolest thing ever it was like WOW check it out  I finally have breasts.  But of course that did not last and after nursing 3 boys well.  After nursing, I was reduced to just a nipple. 


I really tried very hard to ignore my boobs and how much I hated them even though my husband always said I was sexy no matter what. I am a OCD active person and for 10 years threw myself in weight lifting to see if I could change the way I look and ended up with no cartilage in both my knees and unfortunately two torn rotator cuffs since I was really big on lifting heavy.  Because of these injuries, I have had 4 orthopedic surgeons already with all of them coming to the conclusion I need to have both knees replaced.  Because I love to still hike and be as active as possible my orthopedic surgeries got side tracked.  My husband and myself always put our kids private schools and I just never thought about using that much money for myself.


I am a veterinarians tech for the last 15 years.  There was a girl at work that had breast augmentation done in 2006 - and this is what planted the seed for me to get this surgery.  The last two years have been very rough for me I am peri-menopausal and had constant migraines.  I was finally starting to feel better after seeing some new physicians, so the thought of making my self image better came back again.  My husband supported me 100% with wanting a breast augmentation, so all I needed was to "make all of this happen".  


My breast augmentation consult was back on March 17, 2009 and my pre-op on June 17, 2009.  Surgery was scheduled June 29, 2009 - and everything went fabulously.  I was so happy that I finally had the surgery and I finally had the breasts I use to dream about.  I ended up with getting 500 cc Silicone Implants - High Profile - under the muscle.


Unfortunately, starting around August 5, 2009 - I was diagnosed with early capsular contracture.  I have been doing everything my plastic surgeon wants me to do in order to get this under control so I don't have to have surgery again.  I have had some triumphs with using prescription medication, aggressive massage and Vitamin E, however only time will tell now I am giving it 100% to try to fight it.



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