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Slim-Lipo or LifeSculpt Laser-Assisted Liposuction


"Slim Lipo" name stands for "Selective Laser Induced Melting".  Slim Lipo is made by the fractional technology manufacturer - Palomar, in which they claim that their laser wavelength melts fat anywhere from three to five times better than SmartLipo.  Slim Lipo is the next generation of laser assisted liposuction and is also being marketed under the name of LifeSculpt.

Slim Lipo not only melts the fat but also shortens collagen fibers - which will tighten the skin. Slim Lipo uses a thin fiber-optic wand that is flexible and emits a wider area of laser energy to the tissues. Because it is fat tissue specific it will melt the fat at lower energy levels making it a safer procedure than other laser assisted liposuction methods.

Slim Lipo melts the fat which in turn makes it easier for extraction using thin liposuction cannulas.






Slim Lipo is indicated for fat reduction in both men and women.  It is specifically designed to ease any unnecessary trauma to the body.  The most important factor is that the patients are encouraged to have realistic expectations with this procedure.  Slim Lipo is not indicated for patients who are overweight and trying to cure obesity.

Areas of the body that SlimLipo or LifeSculpt can be used:

  • areas of the abdomen

  • abs

  • love handles

  • hip and thigh - inner and outer thighs

  • arms

  • knees

  • back

  • buttocks

  • face

  • neck







Slim Lipo offers these advantages:

  • procedure is less traumatic

  • less bruising

  • less swelling

  • less discomfort than traditional liposuction

  • the incisions made to insert the laser are very small - most require no sutures

  • procedure may be performed under a local anesthesia







Some of the disadvantages of SlimLipo

  • Some of the surgeons using laser liposuction are not board certified plastic surgeons.  Some are considered a "cosmetic surgeon" (which could mean the doctor is board certified in family practice, OB, radiologist or anyone with a medical degree).

  • The burning or "melting of the fat" is painful

  • The melting of the fat or burning requires a longer procedure with more time and risks

  • Burning of the fat makes laser liposuction more invasive of a procedure

  • The equipment is expensive making the procedure more expensive than other forms of liposuction





SlimLipo manufacturer - Palomar states that SlimLipo uses a 924 laser which is 3-5 times more effective at melting fat than the 1064 laser or 1308 laser used with SmartLipo and CooLipo.

The SlimLipo laser also has a 924/975 combination laser treatment that helps tighten skin during liposuction.

Slim Lipo is very different than traditional liposuction which can leave larger scars, causes more bleeding and more pain post operatively, and requires longer healing time.  Traditional liposuction physically breaks up and suctions out intact fat cells, while Slim Lipo melts and liquefies the fatty deposits, which is then gently extracted from the area.







                                                      Images courtesy of Slim-Lipo








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