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Laser-Assisted Liposuction - Smart Lipo


Smart-lipo and liposuction is the laser technique used in the Smart-lipo procedure. With traditional liposuction, fat cells are suctioned from the body through a larger incision in the skin, without benefit of the laser.



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Laser assisted liposuction is performed using the following methods:


This laser has no effect on the outside epidermis. This laser allows the plastic surgeon to literally liquefy the fat deposits prior to liposuction without burning or puncturing tissue.  This method allows the patients to experience less pain and minimal scarring.  This method was FDA approved in 2006.



Smart Lipo is Laser-Assisted Lipolysis which is made by the Cynosure company - which was approved by the FDA in 2006. What this means is the device actually melts or dissolves fat cells.  This is done through a very small fiber-optic laser.  A small incision is made and then the cannula with the laser tip is inserted for direct targeting fat and fibrous tissue.  The ruptured fat cells are then suctioned out or sometimes they can even be left to naturally dissipate through the body. 

Smart Lipo and Tightening of Skin

Smart-Lipo allows for skin tightening by causing collage to retract.  This method was FDA approved in 2006.  Smart -Lipo machine actually has two lasers built in - one for melting the fat and the other is used for tightening the skin.




This is a new generation device that has two lasers in one and supposedly is many times more powerful, faster and provides much better skin tightening.  This machine combines Smart-Lipo original machine of NdYAG -1064nm, laser for fat melting with a NdYAG -1320nm (which is also used for melting fat and for heating collagen in the skin to maximize skin tightening). 




Areas that can be treated with SMART-LIPO:





  • melt and liquefy the fat within the fat cells

  • smoothes and tightens skin

  • first laser to be approved by the FDA to be used for fat dissolution and removal with tumescent liposuction

  • less blood loss

  • done under local anesthesia

  • incision is so small, no need for sutures

  • the laser in Smart-Lipo causes coagulation of the surrounding tissue

  • no bleeding from treatment site



  • Smart-Lipo only can remove a small amount of fat

  • Liquid fat is left in the body to be discharged through the lymphatic system. There is little information on whether this is safe or not.

  • Lumps and bumps can be left behind

  • More expensive than traditional liposuction procedure

  • Procedure takes more time than traditional liposuction

  • Asymmetrical (lop-sided) results and minor scarring can be long term risks

  • The laser needs to be calibrated correctly to ensure the safety of the procedure

  • Traditional liposuction with micro-cannulas can come close to Smart-Lipo for results

  • High power treatment that could possibly cause burns or lesions in some patients

  • General discomfort that accompanies surgery






  • Recovery from SMART-LIPO

During the procedure the patient is given oral narcotics and also a sedative. Patients are instructed not to drive after the procedure. The patient will need a family member or a friend to pick them up from the surgery-center.



If the patient is receiving Smart-Lipo MPX under local anesthesia the patient will be:

  • awake

  • ambulatory post operative

  • wearing a compression garment to contour and support the area

  • no diet restrictions

  • resume work schedule normally within a week

  • exercise - within a couple of weeks (depends on the area)