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SoftForm Lip / Dermal Implant


The SoftForm implant is a soft hollow tubular implant made from ePTFE that can offer a permanent yet reversible lip enhancement. SoftForm is the most commonly used lip implant for augmentation. The implant’s hollow configuration was designed to promote your own tissue growth into the central lumen of the implant to provide stability. These implants are made by Tissue Technologies.




  • SoftForm Formulations

 SoftForm implants come in three forms:

  • SoftForm: for soft tissue deficiencies in the lip border, smile lines, and frown lines

  • SoftForm-rc (reconstruction): for more substantial soft tissue deficiencies in the cheek and temple

  • UltraSoft: longer, wider, and softer than SoftForm, used for lip border and nasolabial fold (3 sizes: standard, custom, and custom xl)

Depending on the size chosen SoftForm is very good for defining the upper edge of the lip vermilion border, and to add more bulk to the overall lip.





SoftForm lip implants are considered permanent as they are chemically stable and not metabolized by the body. It also allows the patient the flexibility of removing it at any given time. Because SoftForm is a synthetic material it eliminates the need to take donor fat or dermis from any other part of your body, which will lessen the chance of further scarring.

Because of the softening of the treated area over time, patients can sometimes have the ability to feel the implant or even a ridge after insertion. This ridge can sometimes be seen in extreme smiling. Due to the synthetic nature of the SoftForm implant there are reports of extrusion of the implant over time.

The surgical procedure is usually inserted as an out patient basis under local anesthesia. A small incision is made in each corner of the mouth and the SoftForm is threaded under the skin of the lips by means of its own closed delivery system. Following insertion a small suture is used to close the incision. Antibiotics are prescribed after the procedure for a short amount of time.





  • SoftForm can provide permanent results with no allergy testing needed.

  • There are multiple formulations depending on the needs of the patient.



  • SoftForm is a longer surgical procedure and more invasive, a longer recovery is needed than injectables.

  • The major drawback with having implants like this is that they can be felt under the skin; and sometimes when inserted in the lips for augmentation your smile might be distorted because they sometimes contract and get shorter.

  • When SoftForm lip implants first came out, the manufacturer suggested that the implant should be inserted along the lip line or vermilion border. This actually gave the lip more of an unnatural appearance with having this area accentuated. Some surgeons believe that if this implant is inserted into the bulky area of the lip, that it can have more of a natural result.





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