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  • Breast Augmentation


My story began when I was just a young girl, always wanted to grow up and have 'boobies" just like my aunts and my g-ma.  My mother was tall and slender with NO breasts at all.  Well that changed, she got silicone implants in the 80's.  She told me if you are not happy with yourself when you get bigger you can change it too.  I thought ok, why not!  Well I married my high school sweetheart and we had a baby boy.  My first child I didn't nurse and my body (all of it) seemed to pop back to normal. 


I divorced my sweetheart, seems he was sweet on many other too!  Then met my current husband (who is amazing) and we had 4, yes 4 children in 4.5 years!!!  I nursed everyone of them for about 10-10.5 months each, then got preggers again!  After we had our last baby I was devastated, my breast looked like 80 year old women's boobs.  I couldn't even let hubby look at me much less touch me.  Like I said earlier my husband is amazing, he said if it bothered me that much we'd get it fixed.  So I started on the phone with plastic surgeons...I made a couple consults with a couple different plastic surgeons.  I met with my first one and was very disappointed...he was a jerk!!!  Then I met my surgeon Dr Ronald Down from the Centre PC in Elkhart IN.  Not only was this man nice but he came highly recommended.  We decided on a size and set my date, we were off and running.



The day of my surgery came, I was a bundle of nerves, I was taken back to the pre-op room and the anesthesiologist started my IV.  So far so good, then they took me back to the surgery room, I didn't think my legs could carry me I was so nervous.  They talked to me and calmed me quit a thing you know I was being told to wake up...what it's over?  It was so smooth, I woke up feeling very tired but not bad.  Hubby took me home and I slept the rest of the day away.  I needed pain medication for just one day...I felt really good.


The next day went to my plastic surgeon's office for a post -op check and realized I was not very big, I thought I was going to be bigger.  I was depressed.  I was told to wait it out but after 6 weeks really was not happy with the size, seems my body ate up my cc's.  I had decided on 450 Moderate Plus by Mentor with help from my plastic surgeon and thought it was going to be a good size, it wasn't.  I am 5'-9.5 and weigh 148.  Pretty tall girl, so we decided on a re-do and I am going up to 700 High Profile Mentor this time.  My surgery is scheduled for Nov 5th, 09.  I pray I have an easy recovery again like the first time.  I know I have risks going back under again so soon (1st surgery was Aug 18th) but feel it is worth it to get the look that's going to "ME" happy. 


I just want to thank "ALL THE LADIES" who have helped me so much with this forum.  I stumbled onto this forum looking for answers to size, and found my answers but most importantly found the most caring and understanding women out there!   Bailey thank you so much for this forum!!!  It has been a great learning tool and great source for friends I have ever experienced!


Thank you,






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