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Brow Lift  / Forehead Lift



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The subcutaneous forehead lift is the least common of all the different brow lift techniques.  An incision is made across the top of the head where the hairline starts.  In a subcutaneous brow lift surgery the plastic surgeon performs a similar surgical procedure with a coronal or lateral brow lift. Excess skin is removed - the dissection is in the subcutaneous plane, which avoids nerve damage. Because the incision is near the hairline - your actual hairline will not be moved higher like a coronal or endoscopic lifts.




  • No numbness on the top of the scalp like the coronal brow lift.

  • An advantage of this procedure is a low risk of sensory nerve damage

  • Problems with itchiness or numbness is uncommon

  • Improvement in horizontal creases is dramatic

  • This method is of particular value for patients with a high forehead or in younger patients when other approaches might leave unacceptable scars


  • Visible scar across the top of the head or near the hairline
  • Skin circulation is compromised more with a subcutaneous lift
  • Smokers will have a harder time healing from this technique
  • Incisional hair loss
  • Hypesthesia






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