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Xena’s Story

  • Breast Augmentation

  • Full Tummy Tuck with Muscle Repair


My journey for a healthier “me” began when I decided enough of the same old me.  I was flat running my treadmill every day and still that flabby ole belly was still there.  After 2 pregnancies and being 48" round each time it had taken its toll on my body. I am only 62.5 inches tall. (5'2.5" tall)


I was lost and I can't remember how I found Bailey, except I know she really is a blessing.  I listened to Bailey's advice and truly found myself on the right path.  I wanted to be the best I could be.  I had no information on a tummy tuck knew of no one that would say they even had one and OMG if you mentioned a boob job to someone, GEEZE!  All of a sudden you had two heads.  Bailey you are my Angel.  I was full of questions!


So here I am all armed with all this information.  Had my doctor appointments made.  First doctor I went to just did not feel right.  He said he could give me the 500 or 600cc boobs and he thought he could get rid of those stretch marks if he did a mini tummy tuck with a vertical cut belly button to the incision line.  Hmmm. I asked the ladies there what his incisions looked like.  Knew I did not want dog ears either.  Well she shows me her incision. Yuck.  They did not look good.  So nope I opted out of that one.


My next appointment, the doctor’s eyes put me at ease immediately.  He really cared you could see it.  He asked me first what my expectations of the surgery were.  I told him I wanted to feel better about myself.  I did not want my breast entering a room before I do. I thought I would like to have a size D or DD breast. I wanted to be able to have a flat stomach hopefully without the stretch marks if possible.  I wanted to wear a 2 piece bikini without the belly yuck.  So he opens up the little hospital gown and looks at my breast does his measuring and says Moderate Plus Profile would really give me my look I wanted and he thought 350cc's would give me the D or DD also.  My mouth would not move my brain was screaming “No-No I want bigger”.  So I asked why only 350ccs that I had been doing my research and all the ladies I have been online talking with say they wish they had went bigger. 


I said I wanted to make sure I was big enough because unless there is a complication this is a one shot deal for me.   He asked what was I thinking as far as size and I told him I thought 500 or 600, however was not sure.  He looks and said no.  If I do the surgery the biggest he suggested was 450cc for the Moderate Plus Profile.  So I nodded my head and took it as okay I will think on that.


Now on to the real problem - the abdominoplasty or tummy tuck as you will. My surgeon sits there on his toes pulling on my stomach flab and you could see him thinking.  He stands up shuts the gown and sits down.   He says I know I can get rid of those stretch marks and tighten those muscles up.  You aren't a candidate for liposuction so we don't have to do that.  He says the stretch marks that are above the belly button will be down in the panty line.  Okay so I leave this appointment feeling pretty good.


I got out of his office and went home thinking. I knew I liked him and he was a very qualified surgeon – I just needed the time to rethink everything to make sure I was making the right decision.  So I called his office a few days later and scheduled another appointment.   I saw his assistant and she wrote everything down for me gave me paperwork to sign.  I was very comfortable with the size of the implants and the physician I had chosen.  I was scheduled for the second surgery on April 10th.  Do the dance I did. 


Now I was more nervous then I thought I was.  So when the doctors office calls and says my implants are in and I need to come and sign a paper I was glad.  Just another reason to get to try on the sizers one more time just to be sure I was getting what I wanted.   I ran to Target and bought a size 34D bra and went to the PS office to try on the sizers.  Now that made a difference and made me feel more secure that this was the right size for me.  I had been playing with the rice bags at home too.  So now there is no going back I was getting those 450cc implants I just paid all the bills.  My surgery was scheduled for 8:00 AM on the 10th.


My surgery time was delayed by about 2 hours because my plastic surgeon was still on his first patient.  Good now he is awake I am thinking.  Once you are out you are out I tell ya.  I woke up with my plastic surgeon telling me and my hubby all went well.  I had absolutely no pain.  I was all dopey and a smiling.  I felt all happy inside.  I spent the 23 hours in the hospital and was sent home.  Had two drains and orders not to shower or take a tub bath until the first visit which was 5 days later. 


Okay so here I am day before the post op visit and I have to look I mean I can't resist.  So I am undoing my bandage and my heart is pounding.  I look my heart broke there was a stretch mark I could see it.   So, at this point I was shaking violently, as I was apprehensive that the rest of me will look terrible.  You know those horrid stories so I look more at myself go to the big mirror by now I have that whole bandage ripped off.  No I look good really good just those stretch marks are there.  


I felt much relief seeing the rest of me was looking great. However I will admit I was very upset that I was not perfect like I was a dreaming to be.   I had hubby look and he said you look so much better then you did.  Yes he did say he would get rid of them but you look 100% better.  Awe, that made me feel so much better and validated me even more for having the surgery. 


So the day of my post op appointment I see my doc.  He comes in he looks at the tummy tuck incision and says all looks good.  I took his hand and looked in his eyes and I know I was crying.  I asked, “Why could you not get all those stretch marks?”  He said he could not pull me any tighter then he did.  And that because he was so aggressive with trying to pull those down that I now have necrosis and that he was sorry for that but it is a risk of the surgery.  I knew that going into this procedure that there was a chance of necrosis happening.  I was very upset, as I had this smack me in the face of this dreaded complication, necrosis. 


When I got home and got on the internet it was Bailey that helped me through this mess.  She holds my hand via internet style.  It healed after many painstaking days and even still had a pinhole opening in my incision on July 4th.  Again, it was another bump in the road!


Okay so yep I am not perfect like I wanted to be, however I feel very good about myself.  I would have this surgery again in a heartbeat!  Yes with the same surgeon too. 


Bailey THANK YOU!!  I would have been so lost without you!

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